My PIC18F2550 USB development board


This is a home made development board. I built this development board to test the USB module embedded in the PIC18F2550 Microchip microcontroller. The Nokia3310 display board is an independent module that can be detached. When the display is not needed the on board connectors, used to connect the display, can be used as general purpose connectors, witch gives the possibility of attaching a different application’s specific development board. In this way a large range of programs can be tested. The microcontroller is programmed in C language using MPLAB M18 C compiler. The generated hex file it is loaded on the microcontroller over USB using usbpicprog – programmer hardware, and the afferent UsbPicProg software.

1.  The  PIC18F2550 development board with the LCD module attached2.  Software development3.  The development board and the usbpicprog programmer board4. The usbpicprog – original schematic was used which is available on  www.usbpicprog.org5. 6. The  PIC18F2550 development board with the LCD module attached 7. Building stage pictures

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