Prototyping PCB for Surface Mount Components

Board Details

SMT Protoype PCB 2Surface Mount Prototyping PCB – Overall View and Dimensions

FaceA_IMG_6268Face A

FaceB_IMG_6267Face B

Mounting Details

1.  Remove pads that are unnecessary (in this case these pads are removed as they might sort out pins) by overheating them. When overheated pads peal of easily.

pad_removing_zoom_IMG_3173Removed Pads

2.  Cut Pads by scoring them several times. This way a finer pitch device can be mounted on the PCB.

pad_cutting_IMG_3175Cuted Pad


3. Mount the component.

mounted_device_IMG_3178Mounted Component

4. Mount additional components by soldering them between pads.

0805+0603_mounting_IMG_31810805 Resistors and 0603 LEDs


PIC16F1704 Prototype – Development Board





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