Toy car remotely controlled by a TV remote control


. Remotely controlled toy car. I designed, built and programmed a control board used to steer a toy car with an usual TV remote control (RC5 code). The circuit board is built around the PIC16F84 Microchip  microcontroller and it is able to receive, identify and learn any valid RC5 code.

– The system is designed with two independent power supplies. One is a 9V power source used to power the motors (propulsion and steering). The second one is a 4.8V-5.4V power source used to supply the microcontroller and a part of electronics. This design ensures good functionality of the electronics that is responsible with receiving and decoding the infrared commands, even when the power on the propulsion side is low and the voltage drop on the source due to motors load increases.

– The board is provided with direction indicator LED-s

– The program from the microcontroller is able to learn and store six differed commands from the remote control. The last learned commands will be stored even when the microcontroller remains without power.


2.3.4. Picture taken during the construction phase.