Wirerless remote controlled light


. Wireless control to turn on/off lights. I built this system during one of my summer holiday with my friend, Robert Antal. We designed, built and programmed a system that is composed of two parts: the receiver and the transmitter. The receiver, which is built around the PIC16F628 microcontroller catches the signal from the transmitter and commands the lights. The transmitter is built around the PIC12F510 microcontroller. The communication takes place through an infrared link.


The main challenge of this project was to find a way to supply the receiver circuit encapsulated in the wall, when both circuits are closed, using just the three wires usually available at the wall switch level. Another challenge was to find such design that fit in the standard holes for wall switches.

First edition – testing the concept

1. The prototype of the remote is built around PIC12F510 Microchip microcontroller.

– the remote can send two different codes, one for each pushbutton

– the code was especially designed to be received by PIC16F628 USART hardware module


3. 4. The bottom face of the prototype remote  5. The prototype of the receiver

– the receiver is built around the PIC16F628 Microchip microcontroller

– the board can command three circuits through three pairs of thyristor BT139 – optocoupler  MOC3043

– the infrared commands are received by TSOP1736 infrared sensor and decoded by the microcontroller using the embedded serial receiver module

6.  The bottom face  of the prototype receiver 

7 The module of transmitter and receiver

Second edition – first implemented module

1.Third edition – improved design and functionality

1.  Testing the  third edition – implemented module

2.3.  The remote  –  designed in such way to fit the plastic box4.